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Things our Customers Say

September 14, 2020


Thank you so much for the delivery, the recipient was delighted with your flower choices 😊

Best wishes,


April 13, 2020

“Hello, thank you so much for such a wonderful service. The flowers were absolutely gorgeous and going the extra mile and delivering them on a Sunday was beyond generous and much appreciated, especially in these difficult times we are in. The gesture meant a lot and my sister was beyond surprised and happy! Thank you, I will gladly recommend your services to anyone I know. All the best
Michelle Linton

September 10, 2020

Hi Kim I’m so sorry for the late response but your email went into my Junk folder. The flowers were beautiful – I cannot thank you enough. I will definitely recommend you to others. Thanks again. Kind regards.
Tommy Passade

August 22, 2020

Hi Kim, Thank you again for a lovely bunch of flowers delivered recently from ordering online. They were fantastic. I wondered if you could possibly give me a price with delivery for some roses, but I need 3 large red, 3 large yellow and 3 large other colour roses you have please with the normal surrounding decorations as per your bunches. Thank you and hope to hear from you soon. Regards, Tommy.


Nothing beats the beauty of this extraordinary city in Sidcup which is in London Borough of Bexley. The name was said to be from Cetecopp which means, “seat shaped or flat-topped hill.” With over 43,000 of population, the town lies beautiful flower scenery that would surely captivate the heart of every human. Find out Bexley Sidcup elegance as you travel each and every corner in town. You can also see its elegance in Bexley florist with a variety of flowers that would surely fit in your everyday life. Bexley flower shop is always available on every occasion in your lives. Bexley florist made it to Bexley Sidcup. We deal with exclusive deals and other options for more varieties, just go to our webshop for more. Bexley florist ensures the freshness and quality of the flower bouquets that will be delivered with extra care.
Bexley florist makes occasional bouquets, such as birthdays, mother’s day, and valentine’s day. It is so accessible in town, so it gives us no excuse to visit this flower shop quickly. Bexley Sidcup is where sports are involved. And our flowers are in line with sports colors. We have flowers of different sorts, various colors, and alternatives. There are tulips, roses, and other flowers. Bexley florist has produced beautiful bouquets of flowers for you. Each flora has to be different, and so do you. Bexley Florist has flowers also linked to the football team at Sidcup. But no worries, because all you want and need is here at the Bexley flower shop.
Live music venues include the Charcoal Burner and The Iron Horse public houses, though the Beaverwood Club’s larger premises, Chislehurst, draw a substantial audience from this area. Bexley florist enjoys making great looking and charming flower bouquets that captivate your heart and loved ones. If on your anniversary you are planning to surprise her, then Bexley florist is here to help with their professional florist. We all know a floral symbol of love and power in life is used. Many flowers symbolize beauty and confidence. Bexley florists listed flowers as a means of expressing love and affection for one another. That is why flowers play an important role in any occasion. Convey yourself with our beautiful flower bouquets, Bexley florist will support you with our calming bouquets to express your thoughts and sensations. Experience joy and love by buying one of the floral bouquets at Bexley florist.
Sidcup Bexley has beautiful views of the town and there are also fresh flowers. Call the florist Bexley florist, and order now. For more variety, you can also visit the Kim-E-Fleurs flower shop. Appreciate each flower for it reminds us of the love we can share with our loved ones. It’s too good to look after the plants in our homes too. Bexley Florist offers plant forms, may or may not be floral. To watch our plants grow is too refreshing and wonderful.
For inquiries, visit us or check out our webshop to find the right one for you. Buy now, have some flowers. A real gift of a flower bouquet is sure to make someone’s day.
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