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September 14, 2020


Thank you so much for the delivery, the recipient was delighted with your flower choices 😊

Best wishes,


April 13, 2020

“Hello, thank you so much for such a wonderful service. The flowers were absolutely gorgeous and going the extra mile and delivering them on a Sunday was beyond generous and much appreciated, especially in these difficult times we are in. The gesture meant a lot and my sister was beyond surprised and happy! Thank you, I will gladly recommend your services to anyone I know. All the best
Michelle Linton

September 10, 2020

Hi Kim I’m so sorry for the late response but your email went into my Junk folder. The flowers were beautiful – I cannot thank you enough. I will definitely recommend you to others. Thanks again. Kind regards.
Tommy Passade

August 22, 2020

Hi Kim, Thank you again for a lovely bunch of flowers delivered recently from ordering online. They were fantastic. I wondered if you could possibly give me a price with delivery for some roses, but I need 3 large red, 3 large yellow and 3 large other colour roses you have please with the normal surrounding decorations as per your bunches. Thank you and hope to hear from you soon. Regards, Tommy.


Located in the South East London, Albany Park lies within the historic county of Kent. This town is situated midway between Sidcup and Bexley. The area is high ground overlooking the Rivers of Clay and Shuttle, and is used to compose of farms Tanyard and Hurst Farms. Furthermore, it was considered a rural area until the 1930s when a housing developer turned the communities into estates, the Royal Park Estate, and the Albany Park Estate. The inexpensive real estate attracted the influx of the London middle and working class into the area. Albany Park is now collectively known as a pair of housing estates.

New Ideal Homesteads (NIH) coined the name of this town. The housing developed overrated the promotion and sold property as low as £395 making it ideal for those who had money and wanted to escape hustle and bustle of the London area. Although there was an existing train service to the area, NIH bought the Albany Park Railway in July 1935 to further enhance the service to the area.

The establishment of schools and churches naturally followed the migration of people. Commercial businesses you can find here are for example florist shops. One of these florists is Kim-E-Fleurs, who is located in nearby Sidcup and included Albany Park as part of its serviceable area.

The estates are mostly composed of residences and there is no shortage of people wanting flower delivery services. Kim-E-Fleurs serves and delivers anywhere in the estates. Those who would like some beautiful fresh flowers for special occasions can avail of the wonderful floral arrangements with same day delivery service.

In a 2018 census, the London Borough of Bexley to which Albany Park belongs yielded a population of about 250,000 residents. From a 2001 census, the population increased to 247,258 in 2018 and projections show that this will further increase to 300,000 in the year 2050. The 2011 census showed over 92,000 households with an average of 2 persons per household. The future of the local flower industry here looks promising as there are a lot of flowers needed for celebrations and events.

The area’s boundaries include Bexley, Sidcup, Bexleyhealth and Foots Cray. The Albany Park Train Station facilitates the easiest transport. The station connects to London Cannon St. and London Charing Cross through the Woodwich Arcenal and Lewisham Loop. It is a short train ride from London to Albany Park and a bit more than an hour by bus. For self-drive vehicles, it is only 24 minutes away from London.

Two churches highlight this lovely area, a Baptist church located in Stansted Crescent and the Anglican church of St Andrews situated on the corner and St Andrews Road and Marylands Drive. Most shops are within the area of the train station at Steynton Avenue. There are restaurants, mini markets, a hardware store, hairdresser as well as a pet supply shop. For flower requirements, the local flower delivery can be sourced from Sidcup. There is a local pub, The Albany, frequented by locals.

This town has some interesting places to visit. There is an 18th century mansion called Hurst or Hurst Place. The mansion is within 2.7 acres of ground. This was turned into a community center in 1954 and is currently run by the Youth Action Diversity Trust.

The Albany Park Baptist church was built in 1955 and can be found at Stansted Crescent. Kim-E-Fleurs, the local florist, has decorated this church with beautiful, fresh flowers for many wedding and other events. The St. Andrew’s Church is one of the more popular landmarks of town. The church is located at Maryland’s Drive and was built in the mid-1960s. The architecture is quite unique and looks like an origami.

For floral arrangements and gift items, Kim-E-Fleurs is the answer for a local flower delivery service. Visit or call them today!

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